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Greg Dolise Distinguished Service Award

The American Association of Physics Teachers Central Pennsylvania Section exists for

  • the advancement of the teaching of physics in the colleges and universities of Central Pennsylvania and environs,

  • the promotion of a professional spirit and acquaintanceship among the members of the Section, and

  • the encouragement of instruction in physics in the secondary schools of the region served by the Section.

AAPT-CPS Brochure & Membership Form

At the 2019 Spring CPS conference at Wilkes University, upon his retiring, Dave McCachren (left) receives recognition for his many years of hard work, dedication and expertise provided to CPS.

Important Dates

TBD Fall 2019 PTRA Workshop, LOCATION: TBD
TBD Spring 2020 CPS conference and PTRA Workshop , LOCATION: TBD
See Meetings Page for details

Support for Mini-Meetings

In its ongoing effort and mission to promote physics teaching in high schools and colleges, AAPT-CPS has developed the concept of "Mini-Meetings". These are meant to be more local meetings than the annual Spring Conference. Examples of ideas include such things as talks, workshops, demos, etc. See the meetings page for examples.

AAPT-CPS would like to help facilite Mini-Meetings.
If you would like to hold an AAPT-CPS mini-meeting, AAPT-CPS will sponsor up to $50 for expenses associated with your event. We can also help with such things as mailing lists, speakers, brochures.

Please contact an AAPT-CPS officer for more information.

Special Notices/Announcements PhysTEC Conference March 11-13, 2016

See Notices Page for details

Membership Offer

AAPT-CPS offers 1 year free membership for new AAPT-CPS Conference Meeting attendees.

Volunteers Needed

  • AAPT-CPS is always looking ahead to plan future conferences.  The success of AAPT-CPS depends on members volunteering to help with governance and hosting conferences.  If you are interested in becoming an executive board member please contact any of the current officers for more information.  Contact info is found on the AAPT-CPS Officers page.


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