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Lock Haven University

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Spring 2008 Conference & PTRA Workshop
Lock Haven University
Images From the Conference: See bottom of this page.
Date: Friday & Saturday 4-5-April-2008
Location: Lock Haven University
Contact Person: Dr. John Reid
Lock Haven University
email: jreid@lhup.edu
Phone: 570-484-2078
AAPT-CPS Spring 2008 Meeting Announcement 2008AAPTCPS_LHU_announce1_v2.pdf
AAPT-CPS Spring 2008 Meeting PROGRAM Program_Booklet_AAPTCPS_LHU_S08.pdf
Lock Haven University Campus Map: Lock Haven University Campus/Parking Map
Link to Lock Haven University http://www.lhup.edu/

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Keynote Speaker Dr. Stephen Fonash from Penn State talking on NanoTechnology

Keynote Speaker Dr. Stephen Fonash talking on NanoTechnology


Poster Session and Fenders

Saturday General Business meeting

Meeting run by AAPT CPS President Dr. Abul Hasan from Penn State York


Presentation by Mike Cullin (LHU) for:

Teacher Award to Larry Flint of Williamsport Area High School and
Student Award to Andrew Strickler of Williamsport Area High School

Service Award presented by Abul Hasan to David Richards from Penn College, Williamsport, PA

Saturday Talks