Links to other sections of the AAPT

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The national American Association of Physics Teachers has over fourty regional sections. They are listed on the national web site. Many of them can be contacted directly through the links listed below.

Links to other sections of the AAPT
Alabama                    http://bama.ua.ada/~alaapt/
Appalachian http://:www.wfu.edu/academics/phy/aapt/aapt.htm
British Columbia http://www.bcapt.ca
Central Pennsylvania http://www.aaptcps.org/
Hawaii http://hawaii.aaptsections.org
Illinois http://www.isaapt.org
Long Island http://www.lipta.org
Michigan http://web.miaapt.org
Ohio http://www.osaapt.org
Quebec  http://www.qcapt.ca
Southern California http://www.scaapt.org
Southern Ohio http://sosaapt.weebly.com